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The Secret’s Out – The Big Savings In Wedding Cost Is -

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BYOB wedding bar

Wedding costs just seem to rise every year without any relief in sight.  Brides are forced with the difficult task of reducing wedding reception costs by reducing the wedding guest counts — not an easy chore.

Now there is a new way to lower your wedding reception costs.   The Hartness House Inn, Vermont’s popular wedding venue, in now offering wedding packages that allow you to bring your own liquor.  That’s right, BYOB — Bring Your Own Booze – and self-service bars.  On a typical wedding reception, the bar and cocktail costs can easily average more than 25% of the overall bill.  A good deal of this cost can be brought down by finding a wedding venue that will allow your to bring your own liquor.

This new policy at the Hartness House allows the wedding couple to organize their own cocktail hour and beverage service to match their guests’ needs and lower their costs.  While the wedding venue will still provide bar space, refrigeration and glassware, it is up to the wedding party to:

  • furnish their own liquor, wine and beer;
  • provide a bartender as needed; and
  • adhere to Vermont State liquor regulation.

How does this work in practice?  In a recent wedding at the Hartness House Inn, the wedding couple provided the liquor, wine and beer for their event.  A small, self-service cocktail bar was set-up and over-seen by a member of the wedding party.  During the wedding reception, bottles of wine were placed on the reception tables.  Another small, self-service cocktail bar was set-up in the wedding reception room offering mixed drinks and cold beers.

“By allowing us to provide our own liquor for our wedding event helped us to save significantly . . . and our guests liked that they did not have to pay for their drinks,” said Kelley T. from Livingston, NJ, a recent bride.”  The bride was originally contemplating a cash bar to keep cost down, but the resulting saving from providing their own liquor allowed the wedding couple to offer an open bar all night — to the delight of her guests.

Find out more about the Hartness House Inn’s new wedding packages that allow you to bring your own bar service by calling 802-885-2115.


self service wedding bar

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Vermont Civil Unions and Gay Marriage

Posted by in Elopement Weddings, Gay Weddings, Vermont Weddings & Receptions


Did you know that if you are in a Vermont sanctioned civil union, you may be missing out on the benefits now afforded gay couples with a Vermont gay marriage?

The most significant difference between civil unions (and domestic partnerships,) and marriage is that only marriage offers federal benefits and protections.  According to federal government studies, over 1,200 privileges, rights and protections are afforded to U.S. citizens upon marriage. This includes areas like: veterans’ benefits; Social Security benefits; health insurance; Medicaid; hospital visitation; estate taxes; retirement savings; pensions; family leave; and immigration.  Also, all states recognize marriage, whether it is performed in-state or out-of-state.

As of September 2009, Vermont granted same-sex couples the right to marry and ceased licensing civil unions. While a same-sex couple can no longer enter into a civil union, Vermont continues to recognize and extend the legal benefits of a civil union to couples previously joined in a civil union.

The big advantage for existing civil union couples from Vermont, or another state, is they can now be joined in  civil marriage and they do not need to dissolve the earlier civil union in order to marry. The requirement is that the parties to the civil union and the marriage must be the same.  Without the need to dissolve the existing civil union to enter into marriage, converting to a civil marriage is a simple procedure that can be performed at any Vermont Town Clerk’s office.

You should consider converting your Vermont Civil Union to a civil marriage in Vermont  — in Vermont there will be no requirement to dissolve your civil unionseeking a gay marriage in another state, that state may require you to dissolve you previous Vermont Civil Union which can be very costly.

To help you with this, The Hartness House Inn offers a number of all-inclusive elope wedding packages that are perfect for civil union couples that would like to convert their civil union to a Vermont civil marriage.  These elope wedding packages include everything that you need for your visit to Vermont: lodging, dining, wedding ceremony, wedding reception, wedding flowers, wedding cake, wedding photography, and much more.  And be sure to invite your friends and family, we are always happy to accommodate your group.

Call us today at 802-885-2115 to learn how easy it is to get married with your existing civil union.


If you have a comprehensive domestic partnership from California, Oregon, Washington or Nevada, you should ask for a ruling from the Vermont Department of Health about whether your relationship will be recognized as equivalent to a Vermont civil union.


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A Great Gift Idea – A Romantic Getaway Weekend to Vermont

Posted by in Romantic Weekend Getaways, Vacation Travel Specials

Hot deals on New England and Vermont weekend travel

Are you thinking about what to get your partner that is both special and thoughtful?  Is going out to dinner at the same restaurant getting a bit boring.  Then surprise your special someone with a romantic weekend getaway to the Hartness House Inn.  Our romantic getaway weekend packages include everything that you would need: two nights accommodations; dinner at our on-site restaurant and two breakfasts for the both of you.

From romantic to fancy, we have the romantic couples getaway package for you.  We offer a private couples spa center with heated whirlpool, Finnish-style sauna, an infra-red sauna, tanning booth, and a heated massage table.  If you like you can add personalized spa treatments like massages and facial treatments.

For the very romantic, stay in bed and we will serve you a Champagne Breakfast in Bed — very popular with our couples.

If you are looking for an extra special gift or an interesting weekend getaway, see our Romantic Getaway packages and call us for reservations.

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Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Posted by in Vermont Wedding Venue, Vermont Weddings & Receptions

Night time at the Hartness House Inn

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions that you will make.  At the Hartness House Inn, we understand this and offer a special Wedding Familiarization Visit package for wedding couples.  If you are searching for an affordable New England or Vermont wedding reception site, our Wedding Familiarization Visit is an easy way to visit prospective wedding venues and get a feel for the establishment.  Our Wedding Familiarization Visit includes one-night accommodations, dinner and breakfast.  Most wedding couples visit the Hartness House Inn in order to sample our menus; view our indoor and outdoor reception facilities; see our lodging options for wedding guests; and ask questions about dates and wedding options.

While on your Familiarization Visit, you will see our 40 suites and rooms that can comfortably accommodate 90 to 100 wedding guest — all on-site.  We offer a number of indoor reception venues that can accommodate upwards of 100 wedding reception guests, and an outdoor wedding tent that can accommodate over 200 wedding guests and includes a head table dais, chandeliers, a wooden dance floor and a hard deck (appreciated by women with high heel shoes.)

Vermont wedding venue Wedding Familiarization Visit package

During your visit you will get a chance to sample our menu as prepared by our Executive Chef.  Our packages include sample wedding menus, and these menus can be customized to fit your wedding dining ideas.

Beginning in May 2014, the Hartness  House Inn will accommodate wedding parties that wish to bring their own liquor.  Wedding bar costs can be one of the biggest expenses for a wedding.  Supplying your own liquor can dramatically reduce those costs.

Our Wedding Familiarization Visit package is only $129, plus taxes, and includes a special offer.  This package is available for Friday and Saturday arrivals.  If you reserve a wedding date while on your Familiarization Visit, you will receive a $150 Discount coupon that you can use towards your upcoming wedding.  Wedding couples tell us that the Wedding Familiarization Visit is an excellent opportunity to also visit other Vermont wedding venues.

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Planning a Vermont Wedding

Posted by in Vermont Wedding Venue, Vermont Weddings & Receptions

Vermont Wedding Venue

Planning your Vermont Wedding

Vermont is an up and coming, trendy destination for wedding ceremonies and reception.   Vermont offers a variety of wedding venues and accommodations and offers a great value for your money – lower prices compared to equivalent big city prices.  For less cost than an one-evening big-city wedding reception event, you can host an entire weekend Vermont destination wedding due to it’s lower food, beverage and accommodations costs; and wide range of competing wedding and reception venues.

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Alexander Pushkin’s Restaurant – Russian and New England Cuisine

Posted by in Restaurant and Dining

alexander Pushkin Restaurant Springfield Vermont


The Hartness House Inn proudly presents it’s Russian cuisine restaurant: Alexander Pushkin Restaurant.  The best Russian restaurant in Vermont, Pushkin’s Restaurant offers an exciting assortment of authentic Russian dishes and New England specialties.

Alexander Pushkin Restaurant is opens at 6PM on Friday and Saturday.  Call the Hartness House Inn at 802-885-2115 for reservations.

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Small Wedding Venues

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 romantic small wedding and reception venue in Vermont

Small weddings are becoming the most popular type of wedding.  Generally, a small wedding ranges in size from 10 to 40 wedding guests.  While elopement weddings continue to be popular, elope wedding couples are now easily adding friends and family to their wedding ceremony and reception.  And large weddings are declining in size as guest lists are being cut to save money.

Small weddings also give you more flexibility to host a destination wedding.  With a destination wedding, you can host an entire weekend event with your friends and family, altogether at one site, with all the meals and activities arranged — just like a mini-vacation.

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